Featured Products:

E-Z Jett® Cassette System
An affordable instrument cassette system to maximize dental practice efficiency.
Posterior Isolation - Insti-Dam®
Straight from the box and placed in seconds. A rubber dam offering efficiency and simplicity.
Isolate, Evacuate & Retract
mr. Thirsty is an all-in-one, hands-free device at an economical price.

Zirc develops dental products not only to aid in dental office organization but to help combat dental processes and create favorable efficiencies. Besides that, we enjoy knowing that our 

products can make dental practitioners happy! 

We had a recent happy dentist submit a case study to us that was done using our products and techniques rewarding him with a profitable ROI. Read that dental case study now.

Zirc's products contain an antimicrobial additive to help resist the growth of bacteria.