Mouth Mirrors

Zirc offers the most brilliant and quality mouth mirror lens on the market today. The Crystal HD® mirror lens is:


  • 40% brighter than Rhodium
  • Scratch resistant
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue


Learn more about Zirc's mouth mirror styles by watching this video. The mouth mirror lens scored a respectful 4.6 through a DPS evaluation: Click to see our DPS Product Review.

The above graph shows that even high-grade Rhodium mirrors are only 75% accurate when reflecting color. The Crystal HD® mirror lens reflects at 99% accuracy with the entire color spectrum!

Plastic Mouth Mirror Heads vs. Stainless Steel Mouth Mirror Heads

No more scaling out corroded build-up between the lens and the mirror frame...yuck! Galvanic shock is non-existent and Zirc's mouth mirrors, like most of its products, has an antimicrobial additive added to the plastic to prohibit the growth of bacteria and mold.