Established in 1967, Zirc has provided the dental industry with new and innovative products used for organization and sterilization in the dental office. Our main location resides in Buffalo, Minnesota which is about 45 minutes west of the Twin Cities. Here is where the engineering, tooling, manufacturing, distributing, and customer service operations are managed. We sell our products worldwide, and have a warehouse in Germany for distribution throughout Europe.

By designing cutting edges products, we are able to offer the dental world improved infection control and increased productivity. Our products are used for the organization of dental materials and sterilization of dental tools needed for clinical, laboratory and sterilization procedures. We have a large color selection on our products to help dental offices color organize. By using a color-coded organizational system, we believe that the dental practice can experience a greater dimension of convenience, efficiency and productivity with less stress and confusion.

In addition to our autoclavable, self-lubricating, multi-colored resins, we have an antimicrobial agent built into the resin. This antimicrobial product protection helps resist the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria and mold. We have certification with ISO: 9001, ISO: 13485, and we are also a CE and FDA registered company.

We pride ourselves on customer service and relationships and that is why our mission is: To maintain value to our customers through the development, production, and marketing of high quality innovative dental products.